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Repair Services

A Full-Service Damage Restoration and Repair Company

Full Service Restoration

Disaster Restoration innovation, will respond within 1 hour to all emergency services. It's important to us to give you the absolute best service we can by taking care of repairs and damages that inconvenienced your daily living. Disaster Restoration Innovation can advocate on your behalf to your insurance provider with estimates, supplements and/or coverage details. During our time working for you, we can and will do the following:

  • Free Estimate and Assessment of Damage.
  • Walk through and documentation of all damaged and undamaged items.
  • Removal of sensitive items to our facility for cleaning and storing.
  • Moving out of all furniture and home belongings if needed – and moved into a storage unit.
  • Insurance claim assistance.
  • Work closely with the adjuster to make sure they have everything properly documented and covered.
  • Continuously work alongside the insurance teams to ensure your property and items are covered.
  • Be involved in every detail of the restoration from restoring artwork, walls, to restoring the framing of the house furniture.
  • Constant communication with you, the property owner.
  • Testing to make sure all chemicals, molds, or moisture has been taken care of.
  • Clean up to prepare the home or business for moving back in.
  • Moving everything back in for you.
  • Helping you move out of the temporary housing or location.
  • Help locating temporary housing and any necessary moving process.

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